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Corporate Leasing

We believe in ALAMTHAL that your business is important to be dynamic and supported; through our flexible solutions we finance Automobile, Equipments and Machinery.


    • The client does not need to include the leased assets in the accounting records and clarified in the balance sheet, there are no restrictions on the assets side nor in liabilities in the budget. In this case, the client does not have to calculate depreciation, and this in itself relieves load on financial accounting. The only costs that appear in the profit and loss account for the lessee are those of the expenses of leasing.


    • The products allow the company to maintain optimal working capital where it can be used for other productive commercial purposes. Leasing more useful because it does not require a large investment as that other financial resources can be invested in other projects.


    • Leasing is important for companies that are growing rapidly and need to achieve many projects at one time. And where payments table clear from the beginning of the contract, it helps in the prediction of future expenses for better financial planning. It also provides real decline in costs.


Required Documents:


    • Official Rent request attested by Chamber of Commerce
    • Copy of the CR and ID copy of authorized person
    • License Certificate ( for Rent A Car Business)
    • Copy of Contractor classification ( if available)
    • 6 months bank statement ( attested by Bank)
    • Memorandum of Association ( for Companies)
    • Clear copy for the official attorney authorized to sign contracts with financial companies and copy of his ID
    • Application form
    • Copy of active business contracts of company \ Establishment ( if available)