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Company Profile

AL AMTHAL Financing: A Saudi Company licensed by Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (SAMA) is one of the first and leading companies specialized in leasing finance programs where it has been operating since 2000 in the Saudi market and offer services to the highest worldwide standards in its field. We also serve our customers across multiple branches to provide them with our services.


customer base Expands to include all productive economic sectors in the Kingdom through providing movable and non-movable leasing assets and include equipment, factories, hospitals, construction equipment, transportation and automobile covers leasing a wide range of activities including general contracting, Health Care, travel and tourism companies, industrial, commercial and service sectors, with particular emphasis on serving small and medium-sized businesses in accordance with Islamic base financing models and frameworks.


The company's customer base extended to include the individuals sector helping customer to achieve the desired car, which are often better cars than they can be purchase, through carefully built monthly payments schedule.


We are operating in the Saudi market through strategic partnerships with the most important agents’ vehicles and equipment in the Kingdom to meet the needs of our customers, the company has been serving tens of thousands of customers through its expertise extended for thirteen years.


Vision Statement


Our business is to keep your business moving forward by providing it with financial solutions and directional energy.


Our Values

Progress :   We offer financial solutions that are progressive and add value to our customers.

Creativity :   We will engage our customers with innovative solutions create solutions if necessary and do it on an ongoing basis. Continuity :   We are looking to our relation to our customer as a continue relationship for the benefit of both parties.